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A software development company in relation to the Client

Customer relationship management is a set of techniques and tools that are dedicated to the analyzer, capturing and processing customer and customer information, with the unique intention of loyalty.

This attractiveness will begin by offering them a better service. In addition to prospecting and loyalty techniques, IT applications complement customer relationship management. They are, in fact, software packages that treat each customer directly, in the context of customer service, marketing or a sales plan.

Modernize the company's marketing strategy with CRM

At Software development company, we always provide the use of a good technique of customer relationship management within a company to give him the opportunity to dynamize his marketing strategy by targeting and segmenting his contacts. These efforts will enable the company to evolve through targeted marketing campaigns. All this, for the unique purpose of sensitizing clients according to fairly accurate criteria. We as a software development company, helps many companies owners by offering technical solutions for their business requirements across the world.

Yes, we are a company that runs interesting software that the clients have concerns with, among them as well:

The Real estate software development: major developments through technology

The design and development of real estate software for more than 20 years with industry professionals has been at the heart of our business. Our range of products is aimed at real estate professionals or volunteers, whose activity is the management of syndic of co-ownership or rental management. Whatever their size, our software is fully configurable.

A complete range of services accompanies our real estate software development:

- Training for a quick start of the software,

- Telephone support with a dedicated contact,

- Remote maintenance for optimal response.

Not only Real Estate software raises professional's interest, yet another field our company has touched and focused deeply on it.

Finance Management: Accounting for standalone software

They are software acquired or created individually and having their own lifespan. There are two types: standalone software for commercial use and standalone software for internal use.

1- Standalone commercial software

These are all software intended to be sold, leased or marketed in other forms.

It may be software acquired or created and used by the company as a means of exploitation ("mothers" software whose reproductions will be sold or software serving as a production tool and being invoiced to customers ) Or software acquired or created for sale.

2- Stand-alone software for internal use

Those are all software that do not meet the definition of commercial software.

Such software, when acquired, must be recognized as an intangible asset in the balance sheet. However, a tax tolerance is allowed for software whose value does not exceed 500 Euros excluding taxes: they can be expensed immediately.

Software amortization

The Software, when capitalized, must be amortized. The amortization plan for the software acquired or created is the same. In practice :

We debit the account 68111 "Depreciation and amortization on intangible assets".


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