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A software development company: IT management

At software development company, IT management executives, specialists in technical implementation are there to improve IT applications for the management of the company.

The executives of the IT management function perform in the software companies, the consulting companies, in the publishers of software or websites. They are also present in large companies using banking, insurance or transport sectors, for example. They may be attached to the Information Systems Manager, the IS Business Manager, the Domain Manager or a Project Manager.

IT Management brings together managers who are responsible for developing applications designed for management (accounting, payroll, finance, sales, logistics, etc.).

Their main mission is to define the specificities of an application (software, software package, website) according to the demands of the sponsor.

They are responsible for:

Studying the technical feasibility of functional requirements: They draw up technical specifications based on the needs gathered from users (functional analysis).

Designing and supporting entirely or partially the development of a product (software package, software). These frameworks define the overall architecture of the product, achieve and integrate the different applications.

Ensuring production. They are responsible for deploying the information system or applications to the entire enterprise (or entity).

Performing a third-party application maintenance. They take care of maintenance (scalable, corrective and applicative) and prepare the evolutions of the IS.

Among the jobs represented in the IT management function, we can mention the technical IT project manager, the development engineer, the software development engineer and the technical consultant.

Company Real Estate Management Software

In Relation To The Real Software Development: What You Need to Know About Company Real Estate Software

Whether in the housing, hotel and catering sectors, either commercial or company real estate, the Real estate managers have very specific needs in terms of technology and software. The responsibilities and diversity of the tasks related to property management make the challenge even more difficult.

Owners, investors, fund managers, tenants, facility managers or service providers all have specific requirements for the use of software. Many solutions on the market meet these needs, in the form of specific solutions or integrated software.

The real estate management function in an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) focuses mainly on corporate real estate processes (Corporate Real Estate, CRE), Either for owners or for tenants.

In real estate management, an Integrated Work Environment Management (IWMS) solution supports all business processes such as rental management, real estate portfolio and transactions, or strategic real estate planning.

Unlike other tools, in an Integrated Work Environment Management Solution, these real estate management functions are associated with real estate processes, including maintenance management, work environment management, facility management and sustainable development.

The financial impact

The financial impact of the company's real estate assets coupled with the need for transparency of the portfolio as well as the compliance and continuity of activities, makes the implementation of a solution for property management a priority for companies . Because markets and demographics are changing rapidly, companies that operate and operate in several subsidiaries or on different sites have an urgent need for real estate management systems. For the banking, retail, pharmaceutical, or catering sectors, acquisitions and real estate sales must take place quickly, as leases or renegotiations of leases must be made on time.

Overall the real estate software development has touched many fields and sectors that left many positive impacts and benefits.


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