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How Enterprise Mobile Apps are Changing IT Strategy?

2018 is a new year in the cloud, container infrastructure, blockchain, and DevOps. To discuss more on the growing changes, we are going to dive into the corporate mobile dev space.

The progression of blockchain in enterprises

Blockchain is going to make a massive paradigm shift in technology. The growing demand and development of blockchain are making up companies in the world, and we are expecting to see the results in 2018. According to the IDC report, the total investment in blockchain is expected to hit $ 9.2 billion by the year 2021 .

Big Data

Organizations are effectively integrating the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and the Internet of Things in their solutions. Mobile app developers are stepping up their development by using cross-platform mobile application development platforms to develop apps that can be used across different mobile platforms. We are going to see a new level of personalization where we are moving towards mobile application development to new heights to deliver mobile apps.

Mobile app as the foundation of IoT

Mobile apps have grown exponentially in the past 5 years to the point that they are now influencing the rise of the IoT (Internet of Things.) Essentially, mobile apps are building the bridge to companies to develop smarter devices to enhance the daily lives of people . We can comfortably say that IoT. A good example is the integration of a mobile app for a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. The mobile app serves the remote control of the thermostat.

Mobile app to smarter apps because of AI

Customers rely on mobile apps to help them in their jobs. The adaptability of AI and its learning ability to meet the needs of customers.


Mobile apps have a new massive market in AR / VR. Companies can now develop different ways like shopping, business, and even communication. For instance, mobile app developers can create interactive learning platforms for different disciplines. Mobile apps are also going to enable businesses to change their virtual reality.

The diversification of public cloud panorama

2018 is a year where mobile application development is gaining ground. Multi-cloud or hybrid cloud is being used by companies to provide organizations with an opportunity to evade the risk of losing data saved on one cloud platform. The lock-in functionality of the hybrid cloud makes data safer.

Although they are running at different times, developers are making sure that they manage data dynamically by choosing different non-open source solutions.

The growth of the PaaS platform

The mobile application development space is taking over the development of apps and supporting the workflows of DevOps. PaaS products from Google, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to manage the applications they build on the cloud platforms and to use them as their private infrastructure.

IT infrastructure for cloud computing services by cloud computing. The use of mobile devices increases their mobile development capacity by increasing the time of development and deployment of mobile apps.

PaaS is allowing a mobile app developer to customize apps using the available frameworks which makes it easier to produce better applications and save operational costs, compared to a mobile app developer working on a mobile app that is banking on IT infrastructure.


2018 is changing how is mobile enterprise development is operating; You are going to see a shift to multilevel cloud solutions, to the blockchain, and to the use of containers. You will also see more mobile apps using AI technology to increase efficiency and personalization of services for businesses. Businesses are becoming innovative in how they approach their products, thanks to the new advancement in technology. There is more collaboration in the company because of the new IT, especially in mobile app development. There is more transparency on how business transactions are being undertaken, and businesses are adapting to the new changes for the future.

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