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JasperAnalysis? JasperAnalysis is part of the Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite, and provides data analysis (also known as Online Analytical Processing, or OLAP) to business-users. JasperAnalysis can be used to explore trends, patterns, anomalies, and correlations in data by allowing users to dynamically ?slice and dice?, pivot, filter, chart, drill-down, or roll-up a ?cube? of data in real-time. JasperAnalysis can be run either stand-alone or seamlessly embedded into other applications. It seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, including authentication and authorization systems, ensuring that people only see the information meant for them. Through its support for easy to use self-service data analysis, JasperServer enables users to meet their own data analysis needs, without burdening IT or software application providers. OLAP Server JasperAnalysis includes a robust and secure relational OLAP (ROLAP) server. JasperAnalysis server ?cubes? are created by defining semantic metadata mappings onto existing relational data sources such as a data marts or data warehouses. Cube definitions are stored in the JasperAnalysis repository. User Interface JasperAnalysis provides an easy to use web-based OLAP user interface application for non-technical end- users. JasperAnalysis analytic reports leverage the JasperAnalysis cube definitions, and can be stored in the JasperAnalysis repository. Easy to Use Figure: JasperAnalysis Explorer Toolbar JasperAnalysis can be used by non-technical end- users, and includes the following capabilities: o JasperAnalysis Toolbar o Drill (member / replace / position) o Pivot (swap axes) o Drill Through (show underlying transactions) o Show and configure charts o MDX query editor (advanced functionality) o Show/hide members and spans o Show/hide empty rows/columns o Export to PDF and Excel o OLAP navigator (see screenshot above) Figure: JasperAnalysis OLAP Navigator OLAP Standards Compliant JasperAnalysis is compliant with the main de-facto industry standards for OLAP: o Multi-dimensional Expressions (MDX), a query language for OLAP. o XML for Analysis (XML/A), a SOAP-based API intended to standardize data access interactions between a client application and an OLAP data provider working over the Web. Security and Report Management The underlying JasperServer platform provides comprehensive, secure, and embeddable operational and analytic report management capabilities: o Easy to use web-based report and object management interface for non-technical end-users. All user interfaces are customizable or replaceable. o Secure access control over reports, report resources, methods, and Web Services by user, group, and role. o Built-in single sign-on capability. o Built-in user directory and maintenance user interface, as well as integration with external authentication and authorization systems. o Storage of a broad range of content types, including operational and OLAP report definitions, report output instances, fonts, images, data source definitions, and subreports. o Built-in search capability to find reports by attributes such as name and date. o Audit trail logging, enables understanding of who accessed which report, when. Distributions JasperAnalysis is available in the following distribution formats: o Standalone WAR o One-click automated installer o Downloadable source files A Better Way to Create Software Through its sponsorship of open source projects such as JasperReports, JasperServer, and JasperAnalysis, Jaspersoft is enhancing the open source offerings available to the world, and providing extremely low cost of entry for organizations wishing to deploy business intelligence solutions. We author and release JasperAnalysis Open Source to a community of thousands of reporting and BI experts and developers, who use the software, provide feedback and develop extensions. We then use revenues from our commercial customers to fund the development and release of new functionality for our development community. By providing commercial support, we also offer customers the comfort of technical support, and the project acceleration that comes from expert training and consulting services. Subscription Services Jaspersoft offers an annual subscription for the JasperAnalysis product. Email sales@jaspersoft.com for more detailed information or visit our website at jaspersoft.com. The subscription includes high value items such as: o Technical Support o Indemnification o Training o Commercial License o Advanced product documentation o Jaspersoft newsletters o Access to the Customer Portal Commercial Licensing JasperAnalysis is offered as open source software under the GNU Public License (GPL). If you are not distributing JasperAnalysis in a commercial product, you may freely install and use it, or modify it to suit your needs. For embedding in commercial products for distribution or software as a service, and for customers who prefer the reassurance, commercial licensing is available from Jaspersoft. The commercial license is part of the subscription service offering described above. Training Jaspersoft conducts regular online training classes via WebEx?. The architects of JasperReports and JasperAnalysis developed these classes. Training can also be delivered at your location using your own data, email sales@jaspersoft.com for more information. The classes are practical, with hands-on examples, and enable engineers to be productive with JasperAnalysis immediately. Professional Services If you are new to OLAP and need more direct assistance, Jaspersoft Professional Services consultants can work with you to evaluate your needs and help you develop optimal data analysis and reporting solutions. Jaspersoft consultants are ready to help architect and implement the most efficient solution for your organization. For further information about any of these support and services offerings, please visit the Jaspersoft web site or email: sales@jaspersoft.com. Jaspersoft Corporation 539 Bryant Street, Suite 100 San Francisco, California 94107, USA phone: +1 415.348.2300 fax: +1 415.281.1987 jaspersoft.com


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