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web design secrets


Web Design Business Secrets Secrets of Running a Web Design Company with Little or No Experience Running a web design company can be an involved process and can take a lot of time, Web Design effort, and money, but you are reading a book (e-book or printed) that will help you Business Secrets understand how to run a web design business on the cheap and with little or no Presented by experience at all. Five3 Designs You will learn how to run a business using proven techniques and strategies. You will also learn how to: Get clients with little effort Harness the power of junk mail Deliver a killer website in weeks, not months Advertise through your clients Profit from Web 2.0 Automate your business & increase profits General Info 1. You do not have expressed permission to re-sell this book as your own. 2. You do not have expressed permission to re-distribute this book in any way. 3. You can sell this book through an affiliate program such as Click Bank ? http://www.clickbank.com. 4. There is a website that accompanies this book where you will find additional resources to help you and your business. 5. Updates about the book, website, resources, or new learning materials pertaining to Web Design Business Secrets will be posted on the website ? http://www.webdesignbusinesssecrets.com and will be delivered through an email newsletter. Your Comments Unlock the secrets of a If you have any comments, whether Web Design Business they be positive or negative, please submit them to the Web Design Business Secrets website. Any corrections to the book will be posted on the website. _______________________________ Page: 3 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc. Table of Contents Introduction 1. The Initial Setup 1.1 Forming the Company on the Cheap 1.2 Start with Blogging 1.3 Domain & Hosting 1.4 Publishing Your Company Website 2. Marketing Your Website 2.1 Keyword Marketing 2.2 Word of Mouth 2.3 Alternative Methods 3. Getting Your First Client 3.1 Your New Identity 3.2 Finding the Clients 3.3 Client Interview 3.4 Signing the Contract 3.5 Doing the Work 3.6 Automating the Work 4. Getting Paid 4.1 Invoicing 4.2 Different Forms of Payment 4.3 Payment Options 5. Getting Others to Market Your Business 5.1 Friends & Family 5.2 Co-workers 5.3 Your Clients 5.4 Affiliates 6. Free Resources _______________________________ Page: 4 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc. Introduction Running a web design company can be an involved process and can take a lot of time, effort, and money, but you are reading a book (e-book or printed) that will help you understand how to run a web design business on the cheap and with little or no experience at all. Why am I writing this book? Well, I wanted to write something; anything and why not write about a subject that I know. I figured that in order for me to grow my knowledge is to teach and so now the student has become the teacher. Who are you, you ask? My name is Miguel Feliciano; I?m an entrepreneur interested in starting Internet-based businesses. I started Five3 Designs, Inc. (http://www.five3designs.com), my web design company, in May of 2007 because I was tired of saying that I was a freelancer and wanted to run my own company. During the time I?ve been running Five3 Designs, I?ve learned how to run it efficiently, market my business with alternative methods, and get the resources necessary to do the bulk of the work for me. This book will serve as a manual and guide for you. I will tell about what I did and am doing to run Five3 Designs, and give you ideas that will help you build and grow your web design company. You will find things that will and will not make sense to you, that you may or may not agree with, and stuff that can boost your morale and your revenue. For those of you that have no experience, here?s your chance to learn the basics of web design and operating a web design business. I have included a list of free resources that will help you build your skill sets in XHTML, CSS, blogging, marketing, etc. in the Free Resources chapter. The information in this book may have outdated materials and errors, so please research the information for updates. If you find errors in this book, please contact me through miguel@webdesignbusinesssecrets.com and I will post corrections to my website. Although I am providing free information, I am providing some business secrets that can help in any business. You do not have the permission to _______________________________ Page: 5 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc. redistribute or resell this book, but if you feel that others may benefit from this book, then you may offer this book through the affiliate program I will be providing through Click Bank and possibly through other affiliate programs. I will update this book?s website with information about the special programs that you can participate in. _______________________________ Page: 6 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc. The Initial Setup Without a foundation, your business can fail Before you can start generating the massive amounts of revenue and handling the millions of potential clients visiting your website, you have to do some initial setup. You will have to form your business entity, start marketing your website even before it?s published, get the domain and web hosting, and get your website designed, developed, and published. When I say ?Forming the Company?, what I mean is that you need to be a legal Forming the Company on business entity. There are six main forms the Cheap of business entities: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), C Corporation, and Sub-Chapter S Corporation. Now, the discussion of these entities are better covered in Nolo books (http://www.nolo.com) or from Robert Kiyosaki?s Rich Dad Advisor?s Series: Own Your Own Corporation; it?s a really detailed book and can give better advise than I can. I?m going to stick with the LLC and S Corporation for the purposes of not boring you to death. The LLC is in my opinion the cheapest legal entity that protects you and your personal assets (home, car, savings, etc.) and probably the best entity to start with. Though you can start with a Sole Proprietorship, you will not have to worry about your personal credit and assets being affected by your business as with the Sole Proprietorship. Check your local government website for all of the paperwork you will need to fill out and what fees you have to pay to start. You _______________________________ Page: 7 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc. should be able to form an LLC for about $200 or less after additional government fees like a Sales and Use tax and such. The S Corporation is one step up from the LLC, which has many of the benefits of a C Corporation without all of the headaches. The Sub-Chapter S Corporation offers more protection over the LLC and there are more benefits as well. Consult one of the book resources I mentioned for detailed information. Fees for the S Corporation may be a little more, but if you form your company in Delaware or in Nevada you?ll get even more benefits by way of taxes and such. I used a law office to help me form my company. I went to their website (http://www.amerilawyer.com) and checked the pricing and all the features that I wanted by way of documentation. I studied the packages they offered online and finally had them form my company in Nevada, though my business is in Florida. I paid about $650 for the whole thing and within 2 weeks I had all of my papers delivered to me. The only thing I had to do afterward was register for a Sub- Chapter S Corporation, a Sales and Use tax ID, and my business with the state of Florida. One of the good things about going through some law offices or online entity formation service is that they might offer free legal service for a period of time. When you?re starting your business you should start legally marketing your business Start With Blogging before it?s formed. Notice I italicized the word ?legally?; I did this because you can?t just start representing XYZ, Inc. when that company has yet to be formed and you have all of the legal documents submitted and registered. Here?s what you can do to start marketing your business: blogging. Web logs (blog) are like journals or diaries of personal or professional lives and businesses. A blog will help in the long run with your page ranking on Google and other search engines. If you have some great ideas about business or you just want to start writing about your business, this is the time to do so. _______________________________ Page: 8 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc. Sign up for a blog account now either on Blogger (http://www.blogger.com), WordPress (http://www.wordpress.com), or TypePad (http://www.typepad.com); go ahead and do this now, don?t worry, I?ll wait. Signing up for a blog on either of these websites or another site that you are familiar with should only take about 5 ? 10 minutes. If you start blogging (i.e. writing) about your business and other subject matter months before your website is up and running, you?ll have an easier time getting ranked higher on Google. You see what happens is that your blog starts getting indexed in the search engines and the more business (your business) related content you have on your blog the more points you score on the search algorithms. Once you have your website up and running, you?ll link your blog to your website and vice-versa and within a few weeks versus 8-10 months your website will have a better page ranking. Yeah, you read it right, it takes an average of 8 to 10 months for a website to start creeping up the page rank depending on the content found on the site and if there are external links to the website. You will work that blog as though it is your business because lots of people make it their business. You need to advertise that blog on other blogs and on forums. Your posts on other blogs and forums, mainly in the comments, should be done carefully. You can?t just type in a comment telling people to check out your blog. You have to build a reputation and post meaningful comments. To further advertise your blog and make money from it, try signing up for a Feed Burner (http://www.feedburner.com) account. Feed Burner, now acquired by Google and offered as a free service, offers the ability to spread your blog across the web onto other websites. Using Make money Feed Burner and Google you can start making money by through integrating AdSense by Google. This technology is basically a Feed Burner way of advertising other company websites on your blog or website. When someone clicks on those links, you get paid, but beware not to try and cheat the system by clicking on the ads yourself. _______________________________ Page: 9 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc. The last thing to cover about your blog is to use Feed Burner and integrate your blog into social networking websites like MySpace (http://www.myspace.com) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com). Social networking sites can increase the amount of traffic you get to your blog or website by having a relationship with other people on those social networking sites. They will see your blog and click on the headlines that you integrate from Feed Burner, which will take them to your blog. This is the kind of traffic you will want since these people know others on the social network that they?re going to tell about. When you?re ready to get your website onto the Internet, check with your ISP (Internet Service Domain & Hosting Provider) for free web hosting before checking for third party hosting companies; this will cut your costs since you?re already paying for your Internet connectivity. If you decide to go to a third party hosting company, do some research before picking the domain and web hosting company. There are two types of web hosting, Windows based and Linux based hosting. If you are not familiar with Linux, then go with the Windows hosting. One of the best domain and web hosting companies with affordable pricing is GoDaddy (http://www.godaddy.com). They provide both Windows and Linux hosting and with some time spent getting familiar with their administrative control panel, it?s easy to make updates to your website, email accounts, and upgrading or downgrading the level of hosting. For about $50 per year, you can get domain and web hosting from GoDaddy, but beware of your buying habits with GoDaddy as they provide a lot of great tools, products, and services that may not be necessary when you?re just starting out. GoDaddy offers an easy way, as do many other companies, to point your domain name directly to your web hosting account automatically. If you use a separate domain hosting account, you?ll need the DNS information to your web hosting account to update your domain name DNS settings. It can take up to 48 hours _______________________________ Page: 10 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc. for your domain name to be propagated through the Internet and making your website live. Your domain name defines your business and can define your image. When picking your domain name, check the name to make sure that it is not registered. Use Register.com (http://www.register.com) or GoDaddy (http://www.godaddy.com) to see if the domain name you want is available. If the name is not available, these sites along with many other registry sites will display alternate names that are available. Domain names are registered to you and your personal information or company information is available online when others research your domain name using a WhoIs service (type WhoIs into a search engine to get a list of WhoIs sites that let you research a domain name). Many domain hosting companies offer a private registration at a cost. A private registration uses a proxy service to hide your personal information and only displaying the information for the proxy service. This is helpful to keep spammers off your back. Okay, so now you have your domain and web hosting account setup, it?s time to get your Publishing Your website uploaded to your hosting account. Company Website First off, you will want a website design if you don?t already have one. One way to get a website design is to design it yourself if you know how to design websites, a second way is to use a template (I discuss this in more detail in ?Automating the Work?), while another is to use one of the tools available through the web hosting company like GoDaddy. Your website design must be professional looking, easy to read, searchable by the search engines, and fast loading. There are many factors that go into a website design, but the ones just listed are the most important (I discuss website marketing in the next chapter). Test, test, test your website design at home or in a preview/testing location on your hosting account before publishing it. You will want to make sure that all of the hyperlinks are active and point to live media (i.e. websites, videos, _______________________________ Page: 11 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc. audio, etc.) and that your website displays the same in both Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), http://www.microsoft.com, and Mozilla FireFox (FF), http://www.mozilla.com. This part is very difficult as both browsers will most likely display your website slightly different from the other. Get your website to be as close as possible in both browsers and don?t worry about the really minor stuff as you may never get it perfect. Have your friends and family critique your site for fluidity, readability, and style. If they have a problem understanding your site or reading your content, then others will probably experience the same thing. After testing your website design, it?s time to physically move your website to production or publish it. A FTP (file transfer protocol) program, which allows you to transfer files between your computer and your web hosting account, is needed here and you can find a lot of free FTP programs on the Internet by searching for ?Free FTP Programs?. You can also use the Windows Explorer program as an FTP program, but it?s probably easier for you to use another program like Filezilla (http://filezilla-project.org). Run the program, provide your FTP account information provided to you by your hosting provider and transfer your website and all folders associated to it to your hosting account. If you are making an update to your live website, make a backup of your website by copying your website down to your computer and zipping up the site and giving it a meaningful name (I like to append the date, time, and version to the name ? i.e. mywebsite_12152006_235PM_v1_2.zip). Having a backup will save your butt when something goes wrong either for you or your clients. _______________________________ Page: 12 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc. Chapter Summary You have now learned about the initial setup of your business, forming the company, blogging, and publishing your website to a hosting account after aggressive testing. Here is a list of the links used in this chapter and some that will help you do your job. Company Formation Nolo - http://www.nolo.com Rich Dad Advisor?s Series: Own Your Own Corporation - http://www.amazon.com/Rich-Dad-Advisors-Corporation- Companies/dp/1586214667 Amerilawyer - http://www.amerilawyer.com Blogging Blogger - http://www.blogger.com Feed Burner ? http://www.feedburner.com Facebook ? http://www.facebook.com MySpace ? http://www.myspace.com TypePad ? http://www.typepad.com Word Press ? http://www.wordpress.com Domain & Web Hosting GoDaddy ? http://www.godaddy.com Register.com ? http://www.register.com WhoIs ? http://www.whois.net Domains by Proxy ? http://www.domainsbyproxy.com _______________________________ Page: 13 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc. Website Publishing Filezilla ? http://filezilla-project.org FireFox ? http://www.mozilla.com Internet Explorer ? http://www.microsoft.com Google ? http://www.google.com _______________________________ Page: 14 All rights reserved by Five3 Designs, Inc.


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